Hironori Funahashi_President and CEOHIRONORI FUNAHASHI

President & CEO, Board of Directors

Mr. Funahashi started his career in business in 1983, when he joined Nissho Iwai Corporation after graduating with a Bachelor of Laws from Kyoto University. He undertook various oil, gas, and chemical projects in Southeast Asia until 1997, when he was assigned to the Chemical Division. Throughout his professional journey, he gained expertise in Project Development and Management, Financing and Administration.

Two career highlights were (1) taking charge of gas price negotiation on behalf of P.T. Kaltim Methanol Industri in Jakarta, Indonesia where he was a Director (2008), and (2) accomplishing a $250 million deal between Sojitz Corporation and Lynas Corporation, which is the largest rare earths mining & processing firm outside of China (2011). Prior to his assignment to AFC, Mr. Funahashi was stationed in Hanoi as Deputy General Director, Sojitz Vietnam where he served for more than four (4) years.

“It is like an orchestra” as he describes Atlas. “AFC consists of various functions, Production, Logistics, Marketing and so on. In order to fascinate the audience, instead of staring at the score, you should listen carefully to other musicians of the entire orchestra. What is most needed for Atlas is the harmony. “

AFC family is proud to have the new Conductor, a maestro, to play a new chapter of the Atlas symphony.

Rolando A. BascoROLANDO A. BASCO JR.

Senior Vice President & Chief Finance Officer Systems and Productivity Department
Member, Board of Directors

Mr. Basco has been the Chief Finance Officer for over 12 years in Atlas Fertilizer Corporation providing a superior leadership during the critical path of the company. His presence in AFC maintains the company’s solid and very strong relationship with various banks in the country significant in maintaining as well the outstanding credit standing of the company in the industry for many years already. With strong knowledge in cash and funds management, Mr. Basco has been responsible for implementing expenses reductions, resource allocation, and fund management.  He also implemented budget reductions and installed accounting systems which have resulted in improving confidence of the company’s business partners. In addition, he is responsible in helping departments effectively manage, store, and protect information technology asset in a more responsive, trusted and cost-efficient way. Mr. Basco had with him more than 25 years of solid experience in Finance, Treasury and He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Feati University.

Jose Miguel C. AbadJOSE MIGUEL C. ABAD

Senior Vice President for Logistic Groups & Logistics Solution

Mr. Abad has been with Atlas Fertilizer Corporation for 23 years and was assigned in various management positions.  Among his significant previous positions, Mr. Abad serves as the Area Manager in Chemical Division, Senior Manager in Materials Management Department, Assistant Vice President for Materials Management and as Vice President for Logistics. Mr. Abad’s decades of experience in materials management and logistics proves his worth and enables him to initiate strategic solutions and take mature judgments which significantly impact the success and growth to the company. With great leadership confidence and determination, he has generated a legacy that brought the company into a different level.   In addition, Mr. Abad created and implemented production standards with optimum production output, cost efficient while ensuring the best He has been an active director of Rotary Club Cebu East, an organization for business and professional leaders who provide service to communities and held various high-level posts in the organization. Mr. Abad obtained his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of San Carlos, Cebu.

Medel A. EnriquezMEDEL A. ENRIQUEZ

Senior Vice President for Marketing Group

Mr. Enriquez has been with Atlas Fertilizer Corporation (AFC) for over 20 years.  During his stint in AFC he gained substantial professional experience in his area of specialization in Mr. Enriquez is no less than the brains behind the most powerful group in AFC, the Marketing Group. With his leadership and skills, AFC maintains its position as the No. 1 manufacturing of NP-NPK-NK compound fertilizer in the Philippines. He joined AFC in 1992 hired as Area Manager and was assigned in Central Visayas based in Dumaguete.  He then was promoted as Junior Manager and eventually become the Senior As District Manager for Mindanao District in 2003, Mr. Enriquez was the first to undertook bold initiative and assumed the risk of possible failure, when he implemented a program that resulted a tremendous decrease of the finished goods inventory paving the way to establish a standard of excellent marketing management.   Previously, Mr. Enriquez served as Product Development Manager for 2 years. Due to his undeniable hard work and determination Mr. Enriquez was endorsed to a higher position and served as Assistant Vice President for Marketing. After becoming a Vice President for more than a year only he eventually became the Senior Vice President for Marketing, for which position he takes strong hold with great influence in AFC until the Mr. Enriquez is a graduate of Bachelor in Agricultural Technology major in Agribusiness Management from Foundation University.


Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer

Legal and Personnel Management & Industrial Relations

Atty. Secio joined Atlas Fertilizer Corporation in 2011 initially as Corporate Lawyer and in charge of Legal and Compliance. Later on, she was elected as Assistant Corporate Secretary by the Board, which position she still holds until now. Thereafter, in 2013 she was already heavily involved in many administrative functions expanding key positions to support both the Marketing and Production Group of the company. Atty. Secio at present, oversees and directs the operations not only of Legal and Compliance, but more importantly taking an active role in the Human Resource Management of the company being in charge of Personnel Management and Industrial Relations Department, General Affairs and at the same time appointed as the Person In-Charge of Anti-Corruption Matter (PICAM) of AFC in concurrent with her position as Assistant Corporate Secretary for the board. While serving this position, Atty. Secio created a new system, critical in attaining the company’s goals in its long-range strategic plan. She has been part in leading the company’s transformations in the area of work force management, salary restructuring, benefits improvement, reconstruction of employee’s policy, talent acquisition, total rewards, performance management and strives to create the best working environment for the employees in keeping with the company’s aim to be a great place to work. Atty. Secio is a strategic change agent and passionate on transforming organizations and She earned her degree in Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences Major in Economics at the
University of the Philippines. She obtained her Bachelor of Laws from Manuel L. Quezon University School of Law and became a member of the Philippine Bar in 2004.

Akihiro NishikawaATSUMI NANJI

Assistant Vice President for Total Quality and Technology Improvement, & M. E. G. S.


Assistant Vice President, Deputy Import Procurement

Mariano G. YangcoMARIANO G. YANGCO JR.

Assistant Vice President for Manufacturing, Engineering and Construction, MEGS

Mr. Yangco has been with Atlas Fertilizer Corporation (AFC) for more than 25 years. During his stint in AFC, he was assigned to various positions where he gained substantial professional experience in the areas of plant operations and process and engineering. He joined AFC in 1989 as Technical Staff Engineer. He later became Bagging Supervisor in 1999 and was transferred to Granulation Plant No. 3 as GP3 Production Shift Supervisor. He was promoted to Process and Engineering Services Manager in 2008 and endorsed to a higher position later on May 2013. Guided by principle and spiritual intervention, he successfully obtained growth and maturity to becoming a great leader capable of being emulated. A naturally born achiever in the academe, he has demonstrated merits in the company. Mr. Yangco has been responsible in various capital projects and plant improvements from conceptualization to implementation in concurrent with his role to oversee the maintenance engineering and the company’s continuous production in the most cost-efficient way. He earned the degree of Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at the University of San Carlos and passed eligibility test for Chemical Engineers.


Assistant Vice President for Purchasing and Supplies

Mr. Villagonzalo has more than 20 years of progressively responsible experience in the field of Logistics, Shipping and Bagging. In 1984, he joined AFC as Process Engineer.  He was promoted as Area Manager handling Industrial Chemicals for a period of time.  Advanced with diligence and diplomatic ability, he was endorsed as Logistics Planning Manager which headed him forward to becoming Shipping Manager and Bagging Manager accordingly. Among his significant previous positions, Mr. Villagonzalo served as innovator, analytical thinker and good negotiator.  He delivered system in warehousing by creating proper control of inventory, integrating logistic records and providing assistance on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in 2010. He has proven his passion and dedication in fertilization technology. Tons of products are cascaded to different warehouses and distributors with the pledge of promoting excellence in Logistics design. Mr. Villagonzalo earned units in Masters of Management, Business Management at University of the Philippines, with Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Cebu Institute of Technology.   He is an active member of Cebu Chamber of Commerce & Industry, one of the most prominent organizations that upholds and promotes growth and development of Cebu business.

Ernest B. GangaERNEST B. GANGA

Assistant Vice President for National Sales


Assistant Vice President
Risk Management and Accounting


Atlas Fertilizer Corporation (AFC), incorporated on October 10, 1957, is the oldest operating and the first fertilizer company in the Philippines to achieve full scale manufacturing of a complete line of mixed fertilizer grades, alternatively known as compound inorganic fertilizer and more famously called by our farmers as the NP- NPK- NK fertilizers.


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